Our Services

What are the services we offer?

Information is free, but our time is not free. Our experience gives us the possibility to accelerate your results if you follow our guidelines.

Group classes

To assist as many people as possible we do have “free” groups. In the groups we do group coaching and group exercises. The one thing we ask as compensation for our time is to purchase one of the products that we suggest on a monthly basis. We will explain that to you when you join one of our groups.

During the week we have running/walking groups where you will learn how to get better results with your shorter distances. We will normally have a 2,4km walk or run here with some other exercises and guidelines for exercises that you could do at home to get better results.

Timed events

On Saturdays we normally visit one of the free 5km running events where you could measure your progress. From time to time we would go to longer distances which is not free and where you could run or walk anything between 8 and 30 km on that day.

Fit camps

We also have fit camp classes during the week where the emphasis is not so much on walking and running, but on different type of exercises to strengthen the body.

Weight Management

We have one class per week that focuses almost entirely on weight management. So here you will learn how to gain muscle or lose weight and we will introduce you to different methods to get to your goals. We also have an exercise class linked to this evening. We cater for all levels of fitness and ability in this group and you will find that some group members may assist you getting through the routine which is roughly 30 minutes. If you are involved in this group there is a monthly fee payable which will be discussed with you when you join the first time. Measurements are taken here.

Individual Coaching

Certain people may want a more individualised approach and the coaches may be to help with this. This is for a person that want more time and assistance to get to their goals. The different levels of coaching assistance will attract a different price tag and could be anything from R1600 to R4500


We offer certain training courses related to certain aspects of the work that we do. You could go to these courses and learn information that will assist you to improve your health or your wealth. There are different price tags for these different courses. There are also some free courses available. Our purpose is to bring you true and tested information that you could implement certain of these strategies for your life. Our focus is to filter out all the noise that is around and assist you to focus on what will get real results within a suitable time frame.

Coaching prospective Coaches

There are several people that would love to be coaches, to give something back to the community in one way or another. We teach them how to coach people, how to work with people and how to earn income in the process. We also coach coaches. If you are interested in this enquire from us and we will assist you to find the best path for you to do this. Some of this will be hands on coaching, but some of our coaches may be far away and we will use technology and our experience to assist them.

Go ahead from your medical practitioner

It is always advisable to get the go ahead from your doctor or other health professional to engage in certain activities, especially if you have been inactive for a time. What we do will normally not aggravate a situation, but it could.

Inform us

If you are still recovering from an injury inform us that we keep that in mind when we work with you. Be gentle with your body while it is still in recovery. You could always pick up the pace later. If you do receive medication for certain conditions let us know about that. In many cases we are going to suggest that you adjust your eating habits and that may have an impact if you are diabetes or have low blood pressure. Please discuss that with us as well.