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Hansie Louw started on his healthy lifestyle when he lost 26 kg over a nine-month period. Two years later he ran his first Comrades Marathon of almost 90 km. He has since completed numerous marathons and Ultra-Marathons. In January 2015 he co launched Bellville parkrun with a few friends and was Event Director of this parkrun for four years.

Is permanent weight loss possible at all?

The idea of the name of was to get to a formula or a state where your weight loss or my weight loss would be permanent. I remember that as a tennis player I could go back on court after an absence of say four weeks and still play a reasonable game. Everything was not lost during the period of the break from the tennis court. I took this thinking to my new found passion of running. It did not quite work out the same – four weeks of no running would not set you back four weeks, but much more. The fitness builds up over time and although I still knew how to run, the lungs and the legs quickly told me that the “base fitness” was not at the same level that I though it would be.

Go ahead from your medical practitioner

It is always advisable to get the go ahead from your doctor or other health professional to engage in certain activities, especially if you have been inactive for a time. What we do will normally not aggravate a situation, but it could.

Tested formulas and plans are the answer

There is so much information available and so many different opinions.


Let us start with the formula for successful running. Some athletes would say that you must be fit enough never to walk on a marathon.

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Weight loss

If you go to ten different people you may get ten different approaches to weight loss. If you google the question about how to lose weight…

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Holistic approach

You may want to swallow a tablet to start losing weight. One or two tablets a day plus a change in your nutrition habits will help you to drop the weight.

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He and his team has helped countless people from all spheres of life from Plattekloof in Cape Town to Khayelitsha or Gugulethu in Cape Town to achieve their goals and to lead a healthy active lifestyle. Hansie is still actively involved in longer distance running and he enjoys the short and free 5 km runs as well.

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